April 2017

Accessibility New Zealand North Island

Road trip in the Northland – Part 2

28 April 2017

Day 4 : From Whangarei to Russel
Today we are heading to Russel. Driving on SH1 usually takes about one hour and a half but we will not able to see landscapes. As…

Accessibility North Island New Zealand North Island New Zealand

Road trip in the Northland – Part 1

27 April 2017

Adventure was calling me! I was so excited about my first road trip in New Zealand that I started the first one a week after I arrived in the country….

Accessibility New Zealand North Island

Where to find information about accessibility and handicap in New Zealand?

16 April 2017

Travelling with an handicap means to be very organised. Unfortunately it takes hours exploring Google to find some relevant information about accessibility. So here are information sources I found before and…

New Zealand North Island

First helpX at Anne’s place in Kawerau

12 April 2017

After two weeks in New Zealand doing some administrative papers and wandering in the Northland, real immersion in kiwi life was about to begin. It was the beginning of…

Accessibility New Zealand North Island

Castlepoint: lighthouse, reefs and lagoon

8 April 2017

Time is running out. Here in New Zealand autumn just began: days shorten and little by little temperatures are going down. As for me, summer was to brief and I…