December 2017

Handicap Thoughts

From the acceptance of my disability to wanderlust

30 December 2017

Since I was a child I have seen my mother, grand-mother and other family members live with the handicap, accepting it more or less. As the spastic paraplegia I…

Accessibility France

Christmas at the castle of Trévarez : let’s meet Alice in her Wonderland

19 December 2017

When I was a child, to go and visit the castle of Trévarez with my family at Christmas time was almost a tradition. Like many families from Finistère, the…

Accessibility Myanmar

Yangon, religious traditions in the heart of an everchanging city

1 December 2017

Yangon, a continuously evolving city
After a week in the country, here we are in Yangon for our last stop on our Myanmar journey, but also our last stop of…