Aurélie Loaec

Bonjour & Welcome !

My name is Aurélie, I am 30 years old and I am from Brittany, France. I always wanted to travel into  far and mysterious lands. While studying, I took the opportunities to live in different cities and to discover news areas of France. I lived in Brest, Amiens, Lyon and Rennes. However, this was not enough for me, I needed to travel further away, to find out  and experience new cultures. So I went on holidays for three weeks in Japan. And it was a wake up call. I knew from that day, travelling will play a big part of my life. From that point, I decided to leave for New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa. So I left with my backpack, my wheelchair and Franck !

Tokyo au printemps

Spring in Tokyo.

Franck is my partner in life and in travel. He also caught the travel bug at a young age. During high school he studied during three months in Canada and, then, during a year in the United States. He shared his passion for the overseas’ life with me

Through this blog, I will share with you my kiwi’s adventures and my findings about accessibility because I am a handi-traveler. I think it’s important to give you a quick explanation about my state of health because all the handicaps are not the same. Therefore, some situations for me are not necessarily an issue for others and vice-versa. I have Hereditary spastic paraplegia which means that I walk with a cane for the short distances and that I use a manual wheelchair for the longest journeys. Therefore I am able to move in around a house just with my cane. I can go up and go down the stairs if there is a handrail.

I am looking forward to share with you my adventures and to show you that « wanderlust and disability » is not impossible.

Happy reading!