May 2017

Accessibility Cook Islands Food Oceania

Rarotonga: a travel into the islands culture

27 May 2017

A Polynesian culture with a touch of New Zealand
An island happiness
Even if Rarotonga is the biggest of the Cook islands, it is just 11 kilometres long. The main road which goes…

Cook Islands Oceania

Rarotonga, a heavenly paradise lost in the Pacific

22 May 2017

Since we arrived in New Zealand we heard a lot about the Pacific islands. Especially about Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and also a bit about the Cooks islands.Unfortunately the Wellingtonian…

Accessibility New Zealand South Island

Discovering Dunedin and meeting Oamaru penguins in a wheelchair

7 May 2017

As many people travelling in the south island we planned to visit Dunedin and to stop in Oamaru to see penguins. After being totally amazed by Milford Sound stunning…

Accessibility New Zealand North Island

A week-end in Hawke’s Bay

1 May 2017

Easter comes with public holidays so we wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to take advantage of these days to discover a new part of north island east coast: Hawke’s…