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Accessibility United Kingdom

Wheelchair travel in London: Westminster, Soho, Covent Garden and the Lion King

21 April 2019

Westminster and the Parliament
To end our travel in London, we decided to start this last day with a classic: Westminster and the Elizabeth tower, more famously known as the…

Accessibility Italy

My wheelchair travel in Apulia, Italy: Terra di Bari and Itria Valley

4 January 2019

When Franck and I started to think about Apulia for our next travel, I looked for information about the accessibility for people with reduced mobility in this region. But…

Accessibility Italy

Apulia, Italy: the most beautiful and wheelchair friendly beaches

4 December 2018

When we think about about vacation in Italy we immediately think about religious architecture, art and about that delightful pizzas and pastas that we are going to enjoy while looking…

Accessibility Indonesia

Discovering Bali’s wonders in a wheelchair

1 August 2018

Bali is one of the most famous asian destinations. It attracts so many tourists every year. Much more than the rest of Indonesia. So much more that a lot…


Ghent: visiting the hidden gem of Belgium in a wheelchair

9 July 2018

Ghent, gentle and charming
The city of Ghent is also known as the “Europe’s best kept secret”. That’s so true! Even if it is a good destination for a city…