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Around Lille: Wattrelos, Comines and Armentières

22 July 2019

Every year in April I go to a French travel blogger convention to attend interesting conferences and to enjoy some time with my fellow travel bloggers friends. This event…

Accessibility United Kingdom

Wheelchair travel in London: St Paul’s Cathedral, British Museum and Camden Town

5 April 2019

Visiting St Paul’s Cathedral in a wheelchair
Let’s continue our 3 days wheelchair trip to London. After a first day to see accessible places south of the Thames, our second…

Accessibility United Kingdom

London in a wheelchair: South Bank, Borough Market and the Tower Bridge

29 March 2019

Every once in a while, a bad news can turn into a great one. You see, Franck and I were planning to go skiing last January in the Pyrenees,…

Accessibility France Handicap

Hautes-Pyrénées, France: discovering the Aure valley and the Louron valley in a wheechair

27 September 2018

In last April I attended a travel blogger convention in France and I met Laurent who works at UNAT Occitanie and we quickly noticed that we share many values….

Accessibility France

2 days and 1 wheelchair to visit the Pays Basque in France!

14 April 2018

After the amazing Pic du Midi, we are now going to visit the Pays Basque, a province located in the very south-west of France. Unfortunately the weather was mostly…