Why not a Working Holiday Visa ?

17 December 2016

Here we are! It’s been already a week since we are in Australia and tomorrow we will be in New Zealand to begin our Working Holiday Visa.

Before last year, I never though about living a year in another country on the other side of the world. But, slowly, living with someone who love living overseas ended up convincing me.

2014, end of my studies and first wages. Why not start with some beautiful holidays now that my studies are over ? Let’s go ! So we landed in Japan in April 2015 for three wonderful weeks of discoveries. What a feeling of freedom ! I can’t wait for the next journey ! When will we travel again ? Where ? It keeps churning around in my head… I had discover the pleasure of travelling and broadening myself to others cultures. I wanted more !

Miyajima, Itsukushima, Japon

Miyajima, Itsukushima, Japan.

In septembre 2015, I spent a week in Porto with a friend. Superb holidays! Porto is a very beautiful city and Portuguese are welcoming and thoughtful. Go back to the daily life in France is hard. I am not happy with my professional life. Too much compromises for an instable situation and without acceptable perspectives. I start to question myself. I am reconsidering everything. Do I absolutely strive for stability ? Having a permanent job would allow me to move forward in my personal life. We would be able to buy a house and start a family as soon as we would like to… But this is not what I want. Not for now !

Quartier de la Rieira, Porto, Portugal

Ribeira, Porto, Portugal.

After several weeks of doubts, I made my choice: I will leave. Sometimes life can be ironic: at the same time I got a permanent job offer in the public sector. The though of an entire life behind a desk scares me and I will not come out of my shell. So I will be on my way abroad, there is nothing to hold me back. And moreover, as a friend reminded me, life can be short.

So here I am standing in front on my handsome blond-haired man and asking him to go abroad on a Working Holiday Visa ! Let’s go to New Zealand !



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