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Guadeloupe: wheelchair strolls in French Caribbean islands

28 May 2020

Last March we enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon in Guadeloupe, one of the French Caribbean islands. In my first blog post about this trip in Guadeloupe, I told you about…

Destinations Indonesia

How much does it cost to travel in Indonesia?

19 September 2018

About a year ago, Franck and I were back to France after one year in New Zealand and a few months in south east-Asia. During this journey we chose to…

France Handicap Sport

Travelling in Aveyron in France with an handicap: Bozouls, a wheelchair friendly destination

3 May 2018

Last week I spent a few days in a French region called Aveyron to attend a travel blogger convention for the first time. Let me tell you, I was…

Accessibility France

2 days and 1 wheelchair to visit the Pays Basque in France!

14 April 2018

After the amazing Pic du Midi, we are now going to visit the Pays Basque, a province located in the very south-west of France. Unfortunately the weather was mostly…

Handicap Thoughts

From the acceptance of my disability to wanderlust

30 December 2017

Since I was a child I have seen my mother, grand-mother and other family members live with the handicap, accepting it more or less. As the spastic paraplegia I…