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Accessibility Indonesia

Discovering Bali’s wonders in a wheelchair

1 August 2018

Bali is one of the most famous asian destinations. It attracts so many tourists every year. Much more than the rest of Indonesia. So much more that a lot…

Accessibility Indonesia

One day to visit temples in the south of Bali, Indonesia

18 June 2018

When we arrived in Bali we discovered a new culture and a different feel. It is very different from the other Indonesian islands we visited. There is a reason…

Accessibility Handicap Indonesia

Travelling in the Gili islands with (or without) a motor disability : good or bad idea?

4 June 2018

August 26th 2017: It has been already three weeks since we arrived in Indonesia! We really enjoyed discovering Sulawesi but now it’s time to head to the Gili islands,…

Asia Destinations Indonesia

Death and life celebrations in Tana Toraja

30 September 2017

Toraja people, mainly Christians, keep only a few of their old rituals from their animist time. Of all the ceremonies they use to do, only funerals are still being…

Accessibility Asia Destinations Indonesia

Tana Toraja, journey into a land of indigenous traditions

17 September 2017

After few days in Makassar, we drove up to Rantepao. Located in Tana Toraja region, Toraja people live here, meaning “people of the uplands”. No wonder they live up in the…